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It all comes back to you, memories like the smell of a wood fire on a very cold day. Your grandmother's little hovel is hidden between the city and the forest, ancient and overflowing with green vines. She practically raised you, as much as your parents did, and what she taught grew stronger as you grew older. It's been half a decade, however. You haven't seen anything from her but awkwardly spelled letters on tea-stained paper. Why invite you back now? And what will she think of the person you've grown into?

Your friends beckon you on. Only time will tell...

A Forest of Smoke is a game of herbology and discovery, developed using RPG Maker VX. It is my first game, and lasts about ten minutes. I made most of the assets myself and taught myself as I went, so I hope to be able to build off everything I have learned. Keep an eye on my Tumblr for news about my next project!

Install instructions

Download the "NoRTP" file if you already have RPG Maker VX Ace installed on your computer, otherwise choose the much larger RTP version.


A Forest of Smoke (No RTP) 16 MB
A Forest of Smoke (RTP) 202 MB

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